11th Australia & New Zealand Sensory & Consumer Science Symposium 2017

Date: February 20, 2017


Location: Queenstown, New Zealand


Designed to provide new inspiration and knowledge for sensory and consumer professionals, the 11th Australia and New Zealand Consumer Science Symposium takes place in Queenstown, NZ from 20th - 22nd February 2017.

MMR Founder and Chairman, Professor David Thomson is International Guest Speaker, presenting five topics over the course of the event.

  • Why we do what we do – Duality of Reward Hypothesis
  • What is ‘Liking’ – as measured on a hedonic/liking scale
  • Conceptual Essences – Theory of ‘Personal Conceptual Frameworks’
  • Emotion – Nature & Measurement
  • Sensory branding – optimizing brand, pack & product across key touchpoints

He'll also offer a sensory workshop; 'Sensory Delights of Single Malt Scotch Whisky'.

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