Sensory Science Centres


The Sensory Science Imperative

  • Do you know which sensory touch points are generating most impact across your brand, pack & product experience?
  • How do you translate emotional and functional equities into a product brief?
  • Could your pack work harder to support the desired sensory characteristics of your product?
  • Can targeted reformulation provide opportunities to improve the key sensory attributes of your product?
  • Can you leverage sensory to drive differentiation for your product in your category?

In a world of sensory overload, it has become necessary to understand how consumers are actually decoding your proposition from the reality of sensory cues. Most decoding – and its impact on decisions - is made at a sub-conscious level, so you want to be sure you’re getting it right! You can tell the world that you’re the most natural soft drink, but if the sensory cues are not perfectly aligned around this message, your marketing might be a lot less compelling than you think.

Creating seamless alignment of brand, pack and product, linked to positive emotional outcomes is the pursuit of sensory branding. Depending upon your requirement, our sensory teams can call upon qualitative & quantitative techniques and our in-house trained panels, as well as offer incisive consultancy to fully explore your product offering and scope development opportunities.

For many assignments, we will harness the power of MMR’s Sensory Science Centres; dedicated sensory facilities where our trained panels are based.


Centres of Excellence

MMR's Sensory Science Centres operate across the globe, including UK, USA, China and Singapore. Their aim is to deliver high quality sensory evaluation and optimizations to fit with your specific needs.

Each centre runs on the expertise of highly trained sensory panels, ensuring high levels of sensory acuity and articulacy. Panellists undergo training on a continual basis to ensure consistency and repeatability and work across all categories to maintain interest and provide a wide range of experience. We currently operate 15 panels globally, eight ad-hoc panels and seven dedicated to specific clients - and the quality of the sensory data is second to none.


Working with a world-class organisation such as MMR has allowed us to develop a top-notch descriptive panel that operated with flawless execution

Senior Sensory Evaluator


Our sensory teams and trained panels have at their disposal a flexible range of sensory solutions that we will tailor to match your budget, timing and data sensitivity needs; including product screening, sensory evaluation, sensory mapping and several profiling and temporal approaches.

We also offer sensory and statistical consultancy and training, to help brand-owners get more from sensory data or optimize their own sensory panels. We also manage several dedicated panels for our clients.

Bridging the sensory & consumer gap

Where we can really add value is via the seamless integration of sensory data with consumer driven insights. We have a deep understanding of the impact that sensory characteristics can have on consumer reactions to products and how this affects future choice behavior.

Linkage of sensory and consumer data enables us to identify real world drivers of liking; overlaying our Brandphonics ® emotional and functional profiling approaches allows us to access what brands really mean to consumers and which sensory attributes drive these conceptualizations. We use all these pieces of information to provide actionable and specific recommendations for product improvements.

Fast becoming one of my favorite agencies to work with

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Another string to our sensory bow, is MMR’s expertise in understanding consumer perceptions of products. This goes beyond pure liking and typical consumer approaches by exploring in great depth the sensory touchpoints with consumers that drive recognition and conceptual links to brand and product positioning. Our sensory qualitative approaches combine sensory savvy consumers with our sensory and moderation expertise in co-creation workshops to define the ideal product fit for any well-known or innovative proposition. Our EROS philosophy explains all.

Thank you for the EROS workshops tonight. They went brilliantly. The recruitment was fantastic - I've never seen such great participants!! The sessions flowed really well and we got the depth we really needed

Senior Insight Manager - European Innovation