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Why sensory branding?

Our relationship with the world is through our senses, which are being stimulated all the time. It is a complex interaction, with perception informed by all our senses - meaning it’s possible (for example) to modify taste perception by manipulating color, complimentary sounds and other conditions.

Recent application of System 1 thinking has reinforced the notion that we generally make sense of things at a non-conscious level. Brands exist as a set of conceptualizations in our minds – created by design or evolved over time – and experienced via sensory cues. We can use this knowledge to design products and packaging which connect directly with these expectations, using the sensory experience to trigger and reinforce positive emotional and functional associations, strengthening our connection with a brand.

Fueled by our tried and tested Brandphonics toolkit, we help companies achieve brand-pack-product harmony, where the sensory profiles of each element are evolved to maximize positive emotional outcomes.

Make no mistake, aligning branding, packaging and product is challenging and can demand a different way of working. But it's the sort of radical thinking that’s necessary to break the cycle of failure in new product development (NPD), and it's particularly important in markets where the consumers are increasingly looking for purpose, meaning and story – and not prepared to accept second best.

It’s time to go beyond liking!

Many of our client partners are clear on what their brand means to consumers, and how they want its equities to develop in the future. For those that aren’t, we have a range of powerful sensory branding techniques that can be used to help generate this understanding, and set them on a clear development path.


As such, we focus on two key brand related areas:

How can we create something more complete, more compelling and more differentiated?

This is where sensory branding comes into play; we work with clients to understand how they can bring their brand promise and purpose to life through amazing products and packaging; what sensory elements can help communicate a uniquely motivating proposition, and which can work in combination to create a sensory signature that can be used to drive differentiation and consistency. Increasingly this works backwards as well, building a holistic understanding of how the brand works across all touchpoints, to enable changes to the communication, advertising and retail positioning that better reinforce the connection between product/pack and brand promise.

Where next for my brand?

Most segmentation information tends to be focused on the now, not the future. With Mindsets we flip this on its head. Here we use Brandphonics to understand the emotional and functional needs that exist in a market and, crucially, how people transition from mindset to mindset, with the resulting impact this has on their brand choices. Using this information, with creativity and category expertize, we help clients not just to understand exactly where and how their brand competes, but where it can stretch; where the white space for new ideas is, and how best to set-up for future success.

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