Weetabix: Protein NPD

Uncovering protein potential

With high consumer appeal towards the health, energy and satiation benefits associated with protein, Weetabix created a new product to add to its portfolio - introducing the first mainstream breakfast cereal delivering against these benefits in the UK.

61rd HGAMIL AC SL1000 1


Sensory profiling data was mapped against consumer insight, enabling us to fully understand all aspects of the product performance and the key drivers of consumer liking.

A concept product test was then used to quantify likely in-market volume sales potential; The Sensory Panel provided detailed product profiles, while consumers evaluated the new concept vs. a benchmark and tried out the product in-home too.

Full trial and repeat volume forecasting methods were utilized to assess the in-market potential.


The blend of sensory and consumer insight revealed that no product reformulation was necessary, and appropriate guidance was provided to allow Weetabix absolute clarity on a communications strategy that would fully align with taste expectations.

The result? A successful new product was launched that has proved it's staying power.

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