Activate: Beer

A global brewing manufacturer, concerned about perceptions of declining shopper engagement wished to conduct a full retailer and shopper study of the beer category across major UK retailers.


A mix of methodologies was used. An Online Shopper Survey was ideal for exploring pre-store planning and the pre-shopping mindset. In-store observation helped establish spontaneous shopper interaction with the fixture, its merchandizing and promotional materials without the need for post rationalization.

In-store interviews fully explored consumer mindsets at the point of purchase and their purchase decision processes and triggers. The effectiveness of in-store stimuli in diverting shoppers from their pre-store shopping mission was integral to this.


The study delivered retailer-specific findings and recommendations for the manufacturer.

Client action

The client was able to leverage the findings and approach each retail partner with the mutually beneficial objective of fully re-engaging shoppers with the beer category in their specific store.

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