Activate: Confectionery

A major confectionery retailer with a strong retail presence in sugar confection needed to identify the optimum fixture location for a range extension into bagged chocolates. The location also needed to communicate suitability for the right eating occasions in order to drive sales.

Additional feedback was also required on performance within the competitive set (including pricing and appeal) as well as diagnostics on each of the proposed packaging designs and perceived suitability for intended occasions.


An online survey was conducted among target shoppers using the interactive in-store shelf fixtures (representing the entire confectionery aisle in a number of different retailers) to gain representative feedback on the in-store shopping experience on a large quantitative scale.


MMR were able to recommend the optimum shelf location as well as feeding back on price, pack design and occasion suitability.

The client used the results to provide insight into the shopper decision making tree and develop a targeted and effective communications strategy.


The product launched in 2011 and won a high profile industry award.

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