Activate: Energy Sports Drinks

Our client required an extensive investigation into which claims would be most motivating for a range of energy and sport drink sub brands, while strengthening the link with the parent brand.


The research assessed 90 claims across 11 different categories (from health related to celebrity endorsement to product attributes). With increasing levels of threat from own label products, it was essential for the research to identify which claims had the best level of fit with both the individual sub brands and the parent brand as well as providing a hierarchy of claims in terms of how motivating they were.

Incorporation of emotional and functional profiling of the brands themselves and each claim enabled a clear understanding of which claims could help build affinity with the brand(s) and really help to support the brands' points of difference compared to competitors.


We were able to advise in terms of which claims would help to differentiate the sub brands while maintaining or even enhancing the core equities associated with the parent brand.

Client action

The client has used the learnings from this research in their on-going communication strategy plus to guide potential future NPD opportunity.


Their brand has successfully maintained its competitive advantage while the category overall has continued to grow.

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