Activate: Multiple Snacks

Following a change to the layout of the snacking aisles by one of the 'Big 4' multiple retailers, our client required a detailed understanding of the potential impact this would have on their brands, plus insight into their new potential competitive set as a result of the change.


Nearly 900 exit interviews were conducted in the aisle of interest, covering six different snacking categories (sweet and savory). Information was collected regarding the snacks bought, reasons for the purchase decision and consideration set.

The robust quantitative data was supplemented by in depth accompanied shops which enabled detailed probing into the rationale behind buying each snack category and potential impact of the layout change.


This research provided valuable information regarding the role of our clients' brands and how they can best compete with other categories in the aisle. The quantitative data meant we were able to create a detailed decision hierarchy – at an overall level for the aisle but also where differences exist for specific categories.

Our client used this insight to take recommendations to the retailer in terms of the position for their brands and to capitalize on areas of advantage for their products through communications in and out of store.


Through fully understanding their shopper needs and behavior, our client has been able to work closely with their customer to ensure the layout change has been a success.

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