Brandphonics: Body Wash

A well-established US body wash brand had been neglected for a number of years and had started to lose market share to successful competitors.

The product still performed strongly in blind testing but was held back by the established but dated brand. It was decided that a brand building exercise could move the body wash to a new, differentiated yet credible position within the market.


A category appraisal was conducted to establish the appeal and conceptual profiles of the clients brand and major competitors. This showed that many of the equities associated with the brand were now delivered more effectively by competitors and that brand communication had become very diluted.


Several equities were highlighted for development, each of which were complimentary to the existing brand position and were delivered well through the product experience. These equities, although not totally unique, were still ownable as they were not key for any of the competitor brands.


These insights formed the basis for a creative brief to move the positioning of the brand to a new territory.


Development work is now underway and Brandphonics® will be used to ensure that the new brand positioning delivers against the opportunity identified.

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