Brandphonics: Cereal

Via Needscope segmentation, a major food manufacturer had identified an opportunity which would allow them to compete against a long established and powerful competitor in a specific need space.

The aim was to provide them with a stronger presence in this important market sector, somewhere they had traditionally under-performed.


A range of food offerings were tested (including pre-existing foods from US/Canada) and, in addition to assessing performance versus expectations, sensory delivery and appeal ratings, Brandphonics® profiling was used to collect emotional and functional conceptual data for each variant.


This information was pivotal to MMR’s  product recommendations, with the conceptual position of test products compared to those of an existing competitor (known to fit squarely in the target need space), to understand the extent to which each product fitted (emotionally and functionally) in the target space. This allowed us to make a product recommendation focused not just on driving appeal, but that ensured strong delivery versus brand positioning intentions.

Client action

Results were also used to inform packaging and communication strategy, leading to greater focus on a fun/enlivening angle that was delivered well by the chosen foods sensory profile, and led to enhanced differentiation versus the leading competitor.


The product has been launched in Europe and is performing well against targets.

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