Brandphonics: Cereals

A food and beverage client wanted to extend their 'healthy/natural' oriented breakfast cereal brand into allied categories. The highly functional nature of 'healthy/natural' products in these categories required the research to go beyond liking to understand what sensory cues drive consumer choice.


We combined CLT product testing with Brandphonics® functional and emotional profiling of 1) unbranded in-market client products and prototypes, 2) unbranded market leading competitive products, and 3) client and competitor brands (executed online). This research linked product sensory cues to functional and emotional conceptualizations related to delivering on the 'healthy/natural' concept. Comparison of functional and emotional profiles of products and brands explored consonance and dissonance between products/prototypes and brands, revealing how well products and brands supported one another on the 'healthy/natural' positioning. 


The key learning from this research was that consumer choice for 'healthy/natural' products goes well beyond simple liking (sometimes even going against traditional food category liking values) and that product acceptance involves complex interactions of sensory cues and their related conceptualizations. 

Client action

The research provided a roadmap for optimizing our clients products and prototypes as well as rules for success in pack design and brand communications.


Our client has adopted a new approach to understanding consumer preferences in the 'healthy/natural' segment that takes an holistic approach incorporating sensory testing as well as functional and emotional profiling.

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