Child's play: driving up engagement with sensory branding

As brother brand to the infamous UK baby food brand Ella's Kitchen, Paddy's Bathroom should have been on to a winning formula with fruity fragrances and brightly coloured, recognizable pouch packs.

But research revealed that there was a disconnect between product and packaging - and a new product aimed at newborns and young babies just didn't sit comfortably within the portfolio.

MMR recommended a sensory branding approach, where consumers are brought in at an early stage to shape development.

First, MMR's sensory panellists completed a rapid sensory mapping of the category to understand how the fragrances were sitting amongst the competitive set and were able to identify suitable territories that Paddy's Bathroom could explore within their desired positioning. We were able to give guidance for fragrance optimization, reducing the overall time that would have been taken testing multiple fragrances.


The EROS groups gave us the confidence to push for what was right

Karen Poole

Brand Manager, Paddy's Bathroom


The second phase brought together mums of babies and toddlers for an EROS (Early Rules of Success) group. Mums explored the brand and its intended positioning before looking at different pack shapes, closures and surface textures and finally shortlisted graphic routes. Qual and sensory moderators were on hand to probe opinions and motivations, and the resulting feedback gave Paddy's Bathroom clear guidance on the optimal combination of elements.

The optimized range launched in-store in Autumn 2016, with Gentle Baby Bubble Bath becoming an overnight top-seller without any marketing support. Sales of the overall range surged and the range has been shortlisted for the Grocer New Product Award. MMR Research Worldwide has also been shortlisted for a Masters of Marketing Award for User-led Design.

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