Create: Cheese

Our client was looking to launch a new variety of block cheese as a line extension to their popular UK brand.

The new product would be positioned as a premium version of their existing offer, and would effectively need to create a new sub-segment in a market – where no nationally available branded product existed.


Our concept testing approach (incorporating Brandphonics® profiling), helped us prioritize between several concepts which all appeared to offer potential for the brand.

Concept 1 generated strong levels of fit with the overall brand profile – delivering against key equities and offering consonance with the existing product range.  Concept 2 had a lower level of fit overall but detailed analysis revealed this concept not only delivered against the brand’s core equities (traditional, genuine, trustworthy, confident), but also showed potential to take the brand in a new direction, gaining higher association with positive new terms. Concept 3 was also appealing, but was considered a stretch too far for the brand - less traditional than the parent brand, associated more with a playful, carefree, quirky persona.


MMR was concerned that Concept 1 sat too comfortably without bringing anything new to the brand’s portfolio. We advised that Concept 3 should form part of a longer term strategy for the brand or be considered under an alternative brand. However, the positive dissonance of Concept 2 showed real potential for this SKU to play a differentiated role in the brand’s repertoire and complement the existing range line up, so we recommended this concept for development.

Client action

Concept 2 was chosen and, to maximize fit for the intended positioning, further refined (communication and packaging) through results from the research.


The product was launched shortly after and has gone on to be a real success for the client, creating a new sub-segment in the cheese market which is now filled with several competitors.

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