Create: Coffee

A major international organization wanted to reinvigorate the packaging structural equity of one of its iconic brands.


We used several elements of our Facets™ approach combining qualitative exploration and quantitative validation to 1) gauge users’ reaction to different types of substrate, shape and form and 2) measure brand and product fit of 7 new structural design variants to define the ideal solution for the brand.


Based on the outputs of our research we were able to make a strong recommendation. A carafe style cap combined with a symmetrical curvy form outperformed the previous design and was more in line with key brand equities than other design alternatives.

Client action

The quantitative evidence on brand and product fit as well as consumer perception was compelling enough and therefore our recommendation was taken on-board. The client decided to go ahead with our recommended solution.


The new structural packaging was successfully launched in 2011 and, still to date, the brand enjoys a significant sales uplift and the return of lapsed buyers.

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