Create: Fizzy Drinks

A leading manufacturer of soft drinks had recognized that their current product formulation was in itself a barrier to consumption across different occasions, and therefore sought to develop a new liquid.


An EROS™ approach was recommended as the first stage, to fully understand what a new liquid concept would mean to consumers, its appeal and the language used to talk about it. Products and prototypes were carefully selected for exploration during the session using MMR’s sensory expertise, ensuring a broad range of textural, visual, aromatic and taste characteristics were covered and mapped against the emotional and functional conceptualizations generated by the concept.


By understanding the links between sensory characteristics and the expectation generated by the concept, MMR were able to give clear recommendations on which sensory characteristics should be developed to ensure the new formulation delivers against the concept/brand promise, rather than the basic ‘liking’ that might come from traditional quantitative testing of prototypes.

Client action

We provided clear recommendations for the flavours to pursue, plus a detailed list of guidelines for liquid development covering colour, carbonation, flavour and texture.

New optimized prototypes were developed as a result of feedback from the EROS™ groups which were submitted to consumer research with excellent results, achieving parity with current.


The revised formulation represented a cost saving for the client and have now been launched in-market.

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