Create: Flavours

Our client had identified a number of different early stage product idea platforms. Each of the product ideas were made up of different variables (e.g. flavours, pack formats, etc.) and within each of these there were a number of possible options.

Along with understanding  which concepts to prioritize, the client wanted to know how the different elements of the concepts worked together in order to maximize their potential moving forward


In order to provide robust data, we recommended a quantitative online survey using MMR’s Concept Creator tool, whereby the concept is broken down into each individual elements and presented to respondents.

Respondents then ‘created’ their optimal product/concept by choosing one option from each of the possible variables. This tool ensures that respondents consider all variables of the concept  when creating their optimal product which provides a more realistic understanding than considering each element in isolation


Our research indicated the concepts with most potential which should be prioritized for further development and also identified within these concepts the ‘ideal package’, e.g. best flavour and pack format combinations, etc.

Client action

The concepts with most potential were taken to be further developed


Feedback has been positive and led to us conducting subsequent research with them using the Concept Creator tool.

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