Create: Lager

A USA based leading global brewer wanted to redesign the glass bottle of its three major brands. They came up with a number of new design concepts varying in shape and other visual aesthetic cues and wanted to identify the best solution for each of those three brands.


We designed a fully quantitative online approach based on Facets™ principles. That included 1) pack emotional profiling, 2) pack functional profiling, 3) brand fit assessment and 4) prioritization of functional and emotional equities.        


Based on the outputs of our research we recommended a clear structural design route for each brand and a hierarchy of equities that should be delivered incrementally.  


The client is currently working on fully developing the recommended routes and is using the hierarchy of equities as a guide to set out their innovation agenda for the next three years.


The new design is expected to be launched in the USA by 2013, and rolled out globally thereafter. The manufacturer is also currently working on addressing key technical challenges relating to top priority equities for future development.  

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