Create: Orange Juice

One of the leading global food and drink manufacturers has been looking at various options to change the PET shape and label structure of its leading iconic chilled juice brand since 2005.

The company was missing some of the broad consumer understanding of drivers of preference and the key design principles they should be working to. 


We designed a 2-staged process of rigorous qualitative exploration based on Facets™ principles. That included 1) in-depth interviews to extract and prioritize the key drivers of preference, emotional and functional, and 2) co-creation workshops to assess brand and product fit against key innovation metrics and core brand values and to identify the right combination of design features.   


Based on the outputs of our research we made a recommendation on bottle shape. We also recommended a taller and more contoured label style.

Client action

The consumer evidence and design insights we delivered gave the client the confidence to make a quick decision to instantly launch the new shape.


The new shape was successfully launched in 2012 across Europe and the manufacturer is currently working on updating the label style too based on our recommendations. 

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