Create: Sports Drinks

A  leading global personal and health care manufacturer wanted to redesign the cap/lid of their sports drink pack in an attempt to enhance functionality and usability.

For that reason the company asked four of the largest packaging suppliers to provide them with their best cap solution. The new designs were benchmarked against the current cap and two competitor caps.


We employed an in-situ quantitative approach based on Facets™ principles. In order to capture users’ realistic response we tested the different caps with hundreds of users during their exercise. The users first logged their responses in a printed form straight after their exercise and then asked to complete a more in-depth online survey when at home. We followed up with telephone interviews to supplement our understanding.   


Our quantitative analysis allowed us to identify and recommend a combination of design features for the ideal cap. Based on the outputs we listed a set of design specifications for our client to take to their packaging supplier.  

Client action

The client has taken our recommendation on-board and briefed their preferred packaging supplier to develop the new cap following our recommended specifications.


The new cap is under development and planned to be launched in 2013.

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