Discover: Biscuits

Our client had limited understanding of the biscuits and cookies market in China and wanted some relatively low cost insight into the categories of biscuits available, what flavours and types are popular with consumers, and who the major players in the market are.

It was also important to identify suitable products to use as benchmarks in subsequent quantitative research on the client’s own brands.


Our Shanghai team carried out a combination of store shelf checks and desk research, while also using their own experience and knowledge as consumers to compile a report on the Chinese biscuits market.

We were able to provide the client with a very comprehensive overview of the brands and types of biscuits on the market, and the sensory attributes that characterize each type; when and by whom these biscuits are consumed; the cultural issues affecting biscuit consumption; and a summary of the market entry strategy of several key foreign players in the Chinese market.


MMR was able to advise the client on potential competitors for their products, as well as highlight some key gaps and opportunities in the market.

Client Action

The client subsequently undertook some product testing using the specific brands we recommended as benchmarks.


The client has a better understanding of the competitive environment in China and which of their portfolio of products have the most potential to succeed.

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