Discover: Frozen Meals

A large food manufacturer wanted to better understand the frozen meals category and their place within it, in order to explore the possibility of moving into new product territories.


A programme of research was conducted over four modules, utilizing MMR’s Mindsets™ approach. Online qualitative forums allowed the client to understand how consumers perceive and use foods within the category.  Robust quantitative testing via an online Bullseye exercise then established the emotional and functional needs consumers hoped to satisfy when choosing from the category. This identified a range of consumer Mindsets, and how well our client’s existing range of products deliver against each of those Mindsets.


We were able to recommend the most fruitful areas for innovation, to enable the brand to compete more effectively in new territories.  We tested a range of initial ideas using MMR’s early stage online concept testing to explore which routes would best stretch the brand across different Mindsets. Finally, validation of an optimized shortlist of concepts was conducted online to support new product launch.

Client actions

In 2012, the client launched into a new frozen sub-category with two new product lines.


The initial launch was a success and there are plans to increase the range in the future. 

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