Discover: Snacks

A multi-stage project was conducted to provide insight into how shoppers buy snacks from convenience stores.


In-store intercepts were used to provide robust quantitative data, covering a variety of convenience outlets, supplemented by an online survey with snacking diary – covering additional topics of interest plus a wealth of information on each snack category.

A deeper understanding of motivations behind buying snacks was collected via a dedicated online community. Respondents recruited to the network were asked to text in whenever they bought a snack from a convenience store – and messages uploaded onto the network for respondents to discuss in a daily blog.


The data collection techniques enabled us to get close to convenience shoppers while minimizing interference in this fast paced environment. The qualitative element (online community) gave insight into how emotive snacking can be - an extra layer of understanding on top of the quantitative results.

Client action

Our client used this information to guide their convenience strategy, covering merchandising of their existing range and prioritization of which SKUs should be listed in convenience channels plus opportunities for innovation to maximize success in this sector.


Our client has observed significant success in the convenience sector through the launch of new variants under two of their key brands in particular, targeted at the impulse behaviour and needs uncovered.

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