Optimize: Bread

The UK’s leading manufacturer of bakery products saw a slight sales decline of its sliced bread brand in 2011 due to pack functionality deficiencies, e.g. hard to open, hard to reseal etc. and the negative emotional impact those created.

They wanted to identify the ideal opening and resealing execution to optimize the consumption experience and that way to win lapsed buyers back.  


We designed a quantitative usage study where we tested eight different opening and resealing mechanisms against a set of functional and emotional equities that were core to the brand with hundreds of consumers. The quantitative data was backed with mini qualitative interviews and verbatims.


Based on the outputs of our research we recommended a clear route (no further details can be disclosed at this stage) which was in line with key functional and emotional equities as well as brand and product perceptions and expectations.  

Client action

The quantitative evidence was compelling enough to convince the client to take the recommended design on-board.


The new opening and resealing system will be launched in 2012. The manufacturer is currently working on resolving a couple of technical challenges relating to adhesiveness. 

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