Optimize: Cereal Flavours

To achieve long term growth targets, our client, a major player in the hot breakfast market, needed to understand the dynamics of their current 8-product portfolio, and ascertain the impact of adding to, or rationalizing this.


A ranging project using SURFTM, Liking SegmentationTM and Brandphonics® was designed to provide a clear understanding of demand, and to recommend changes that would not only strengthen brand coherence, but also bring genuine excitement and interest to the brand portfolio.

Key findings

The combination of Liking SegmentationTM and SURFTM enabled us to clearly recommend a replacement strategy, where two weaker products will (in the medium term) be replaced by two new flavours, both of which deliver; enhanced appeal, stronger brand fit (vitally important as there were concerns around a lack of perceived healthiness) and much wider coverage of the flavour preference segments that we found to exist in the market.


The research has only just been completed, but SURFTM suggests incremental sales of around 6 to 8% associated with the replacement strategy.

“…straight away I could tell that it has opened up a new way that we’ll be thinking about flavours”

(Client Insights Manager)

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