Optimize: Chocolate

In an on-going project, inorder to optimize their product, a global chocolate brand needed to understand the drivers of liking in China, plus the signature characteristics of their product.


SensoHedonic+TM modelling identified 4 potential strategies:

  • Optimize for all segments with a single product (but this would only give a very small uplift in overall liking over the current product)
  • Optimize for the largest segment (which would be in line with core signature attributes, but would alienate two other segments)
  • Optimize for the two smaller segments combined (over-index in terms of younger consumers, but would mean a move away from core signature profile)
  • Adopt a dual product strategy which would deliver two different products that would delight 84% of the market


The dual product strategy was particularly interesting as demographic differences between those preferring each style of product suggest that the optimized products could be marketed in unique ways in order to reach the target populations.

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