Optimize: Coffee

The ‘at home’ morning coffee drinking occasion represents a significant share of coffee consumption and a sizable business opportunity. Our client needed to understand which products best met consumer taste requirements for a morning coffee in key markets, and also to investigate barriers, other than taste, to more frequent morning usage.


In a Central Location Test consumers tried and assessed ten different ‘morning coffees’ over two days (current products, prototypes and competitors) and completed a Usage & Attitude survey exploring their attitudes and behaviors to their ‘morning coffee’, including a discrete choice method (Best-Worst Scaling) exercise to quantify the relative importance of the different barriers to morning usage. The complete design we recommended was important as it allowed a segmentation of the market in terms of taste preferences.


The results confirmed the opportunity for our client and an understanding of the motivations behind the occasion. We identified the client product / prototype that had the greatest potential, and gave actionable optimization guidance for both a one or two-product strategy. MMR’s Liking Segmentation™ identified key and prioritized consumer segments with the best business potential, which prototypes were needed to ‘delight’ consumers and how they could be targeted going forward.

Our Best-Worst Scaling analysis quantified the key barriers to trial in each of the markets and placed the importance of liquid itself in context. Specifically it identified that the major barrier in the USA was cup size (too small) – this was a  fundamental learning for our client. 

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