Optimize: Hair Conditioner

We worked with a manufacturer of hair conditioner in the USA to help them develop their ongoing strategy for product improvement and innovation.


Using MMR’s SensoHedonic+TM modelling approach, we were able to benchmark the performance of 12 products – comprising our client’s current offering, competitor products and prototypes developed to further stretch the sensory space.

Once we had identified patterns of preference (three unique segments were found), we used robust sensory data to determine the precise product characteristics driving product appeal for each segment.  Our analysis indicated the importance of appearance in driving both overall acceptability and functional benefits associated with hair conditioners.


The model indicated that one prototype in particular would be the ideal start point for optimization of the current product – with increases in smoothness, whiteness, opaqueness and glossiness all predicted to increase overall appeal and strengthen appropriateness for a moisturizing / nourishing conditioner.


Our client has used this research to focus their innovation plans for the next 3 years – providing clear direction for R&D to develop the optimal products targeted against specific segments and requirements from hair conditioning products.

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