Optimize: Hot Milky Drinks

The challenge was to help reinvigorate an ageing, but trusted malt drinks brand, while finding a formulation that could be used across countries.


MMR’s SensoHedonic+TM modelling was the ideal research solution. 29 prototypes were screened by sensory experts with the 11 that best represented the sensory space taken forward to consumer testing.  Modelling of the resultant data enabled MMR to identify clear taste preference segments, which combined with detailed drivers of appeal analysis let us pinpoint a single optimum sensory profile for the product across the markets.  


MMR recommended a formulation which could be used successfully across Europe and Asia.


The client adopted the new formulation – providing a consistent product experience and realizing significant cost savings through economies of scale in production and raw material sourcing.  


The new formulation was launched and proved to be a success, with further improvements in terms of ingredient and process having been validated through profiling within the SensoHedonic+TM model.

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