Optimize: Moisturizer

Our client had a highly complex situation with their key moisturizing product available under different brand names, formulations and fragrances in different markets. They needed to reduce the range of formulations to achieve manufacturing savings plus improve local sales opportunities by better matching formulations to brands and consumer preferences.


We created a model for 2 key markets of interest (USA and Germany), which uncovered the detailed drivers of product performance at a sensorial, emotional and functional level using Brandphonics® profiling).

We were able to isolate core brand equities in each market and where similarities and differences exist plus understand what the optimal product should look like to maximize potential in both markets.


The results indicated that a common base formulation would be appropriate for both markets, however, that the optimal fragrance for Germany was of a floral nature (to portray comforting equities) while a medicated undertone was required to appeal to moms in the US.


Using the results from this research, our client has progressed with our recommendation to adopt a consistent base formulation at a global level and use fragrance to increase brand fit and category advantage at an individual market level.

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