Optimize: Own Label Range

A global grocery retailer wanted to re-launch its entire range of own-brand premium food and beverage products by re-designing its packaging artwork, graphics and on-pack communications.

In collaboration with a branding agency the retailer came up with a number of potential design routes but wanted to further explore consumer perceptions of the new designs, assess fit to brand and product and identify the ultimate combination of design and communication elements for a highly motivating and engaging new offering. 


We employed a qualitative, workshop-style, approach based on EROS™ principles. We invited a number of loyal customers and frequent buyers of the own-label premium range, the branding agency and the client team into a 4 hour co-creation session.

Respondents were split into 3 groups and each group went, simultaneously and in rotation, through a cycle of interactive design-led exercises including creation and ideation, benchmarking, positioning and brand-design-product consonance assessment. The branding agency and the client team participated in all exercises. 


Based on the outputs of our research we recommended one specific route that combined elements of the proposed new designs and new ideas that emerged from the consumers. 

Client action

The client team took our recommendations on board and briefed the branding agency on the basis of the design insights generated during our session with consumers.  


Our recommended design has been approved and it will be launched in the UK in October 2012. 

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