Optimize: Premium Chips

Our client wanted to reinvigorate their premium chip range with the introduction of more exciting and 'on brand' flavours.

It was unlikely that retailers would create more shelf space for additional SKUs, so replacement was necessary.


A ranging project incorporating SURFTM and Liking SegmentationTM was designed to identify which broad flavour routes represented the best additions to the range, both in terms of sales uplift and breadth of appeal.


We identified three strong flavor routes (from a large number tested), and proved that adopting any of these as replacements for 2 or 3 of the weaker existing products would lead to an uplift in sales and an increase in the breadth of portfolio appeal.

It also clearly identified that a proposed move away from offering more traditional flavors would be a major risk for the brand – a key learning in terms of future brand architecture and development.


Following additional naming and flavor development work (also conducted by MMR), very recently two underperforming SKUs were dropped, and replaced with more exciting flavors which are performing well in market.

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