Optimize: Segments

A Food & Beverage client was considering adding one or more flanker brands alongside its flagship product, hoping to capture additional share. MMR was asked to evaluate several prototypes in the context of the existing brand landscape in their category.


MMR designed research that combined sensory-based Liking SegmentationTM with product optimization. 300 consumers tested the leading brands and several prototypes that pushed out to the edges of the category’s sensory profile. The prototypes and a niche brand drove four 'unrealized' Liking Segments, each with distinct flavor and/or texture preferences. A second Liking Segmentation was also developed using only in-market products defined four 'actual' market segments. TURF Analysis revealed an optimal product portfolio, satisfying the widest range of sensory preferences with the smallest number of SKUs. 


Based on the two Liking Segmentations and TURF Analysis, MMR recommended that the client bring two prototypes to market as flankers for their flagship brand. Minor reformulations were suggested to address specific segments.

Client action

The client suspected that some underlying market segments were not addressed by their broadly targeted, market-leading product. Armed with these research results, they are now focused on capturing the bulk of previously ignored consumers with only two additional variants.


Prototypes are currently being reformulated.

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