Optimize: Shampoo

Our client wanted to understand how to target consumers who are concerned about hair fall in China, with the core aim of understanding their needs, and perceptions towards alternative product formulations, to help create targeted product solutions.


Five products were designed with several factors (including appearance, volume, lubrication etc) altered systematically. These were tested over a five week period by 1,200 consumers, one week per product. U&A style questioning was also included to help understand attitudes around hair fall, how this is gauged and what are felt to be the triggers.


While similar product preferences were observed amongst men and women, Liking Segmentation™ identified 4 clear segments – each of whom exhibited a preference for a different kind of shampoo

There were no obviously consistent links between sensory cues and perceived hair fall benefit. Perceptions in this area were largely driven by liking, suggesting either that the benefits need to be communicated via positioning, and a range of products available under this benefit to address the different preferences of the market, or that more radical sensory cues need to be explored to trigger hair fall performance perceptions.

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