Review: Cereal Category

Working closely with one of the best known brands in the UK, MMR undertook a large project to understand how people shop for cereal.


The research was extremely broad in its scope and the type of information required, and hence a hybrid approach incorporating various methods of data collection and analysis was required. We assimilated data collected via in store observation, entry and exit interviews and an online Usage and Attitude survey, with a qualitative perspective gleaned via accompanied shops and eye tracking.


MMR were able to provide a 'bible' of shopper behaviour across the category, with specific recommendations in terms of targeting specific shopper types identified through the research both in and out of store.

Client action

The client used the information to inform their communications and merchandizing strategies. It also provided clear guidance in terms of the optimal location for new launches in the pipeline and the most effective promotional activity targeting those shoppers most susceptible to influence.


Our client was able to foster their strong relationship with retailers using this research, strengthening their position as category captains.

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