Review: Hand Wash

Our client wished to increase brand loyalty and drive brand growth by understanding the drivers of consumer purchase in the hand wash category; and ensuring their range of products meet these needs.


We used our proprietary Blueprint approach to explore the goals and needs of consumers in relation to the benefits and attributes of products within the hand wash category. Consumers were shown pairs of pack images and asked preference between the two, their preference was then explored in depth with a series of open questions.  A laddering style of questioning was used to elicit both the functional and more readily accessible drivers and the higher level motivations that exist when choosing a hand wash.  This approach provided a wealth of information around the key benefits and prompts to choose a particular hand wash at point of purchase.  We were able to filter down to understand the hierarchy of needs at an overall level plus identify the consumer segments that exist with differing needs. 


Using this deep insight, we were able to provide clear recommendations to our client in terms of the relative strengths and weaknesses of both their own  and competitor brands and how well they meet the different needs identified.  We provided guidance on how best to target the different consumer segments within the hand wash category, plus identified gaps in the market where future NPD should be focused.


Our client has used this comprehensive yet actionable level of information to guide their development funnel for future NPD.

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