Review: Sports Nutrition

Our client had identified strong potential for growth in the sports nutrition market and needed to understand how their brands could be given the best chance of success in this complex category.


A detailed online Usage & Attitude survey was conducted with a large sample of category users, designed to provide insight across different levels of frequency and engagement. Detailed cameos were created to help our client devise a strategy for competing effectively in this category.


The findings indicated that a twin-pronged approach would prove most successful, via an increased understanding of lighter users and winning share amongst heavy users through building brand relevance.

Client action

This information has been applied strategically to a number of areas - including guiding the optimal range of SKUs by type of outlet, communication strategies and provision of further education. 

A year after this research, our client was actually able to acquire a major competitor, with the findings again being utilized to understand the role for the different brands within their new broader portfolio.


Our client is currently the number one player in this market, which has experienced continued growth.

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