Review: Workplace Consumption

Our client’s workplace catering partners had noticed their consumers were becoming less of a captive audience and more savvy, resulting in a decrease in the number of snacks and meals purchased on-site.

In line with their vision of being an inspiring growth partner, our client was keen to help them address this issue and find solutions to change consumer behaviour.

To do this they needed to understand consumers’ current consumption habits and practises during the working day, the size of the opportunity for caterers to increase their snacking sales and the existing barriers to doing so.


A focused online U&A survey was therefore administered to people working in target businesses, designed to thoroughly explore and understand all elements of workplace snacking / consumption. MMR’s interactive online data collection techniques ensured that the survey was highly engaging, resulting in a higher quality of data.


Results enabled a thorough understanding of current workplace snacking habits and practises, allowing us to recommend a number of priority actions and suggestions for our client to take to their on-site catering partners, to enable them to better tailor their offerings to consumer needs.

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