Sensory: Fragrances

A major personal care manufacturer were looking to grow one of their hero brands in Japan by targeting communication and product more overtly to younger males. Research was required to feed into this process and provide a more detailed understanding on the drivers of fragrance appeal amongst younger Japanese males


Quant testing took place of 15 fragrances including the current product range, new options and competitor product. 200 people assessed all products at a CLT over two evenings.


Through Liking Segmentation™ it was found that fragrance preferences were very polarised, with four clearly distinct and targeted groups of consumers being identified.

From this the client was able to identify a product portfolio that both offered appealing products and strong choice across the fragrance segments, recommending three new fragrances and optimization of one existing product to provide much stronger reach and the ability to compete with established market place products more effectively

General learnings were also fed into the client’s global database of appeal drivers for deodorant fragrances, enhancing global understanding.

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