The Royal Shakespeare Company

The Royal Shakespeare Company used MMR’s mobile app to understand the emotional journey of theatre for adults and children and bring to life in-the-moment touch points of the overall experience.

Flying high

The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) depends on consumer feedback to assess all of their productions, inform strategic decisions, ensure their work is accessible to all and in order to report to funding bodies. Their traditional post-performance online survey was generating dry data and limited insight, but budget restrictions and logistics meant that a traditional qualitative approach was out of reach.

MMR suggested trialling its mobile app alongside the usual online survey.

Using the app enabled MMR to capture sentiment and expectations at home prior to the performance via quantitative data collection tools, which were augmented with video voxpops. This wealth of data gave insight into the drivers of excitement - for many children, the idea of how the production was going to show Peter Pan in flight dominated their pre-show feelings. More questions followed during the interval and post-performance to capture how well the experience delivered against pre-show expectations and the lasting memories of the show.


The resulting data yielded far more useful findings than RSC’s traditional survey alone. Enthusiastic video voxpops supported the mobile-gathered verbatims which revealed more specific and detailed feedback about the elements of the production that drove both parents and their children’s enjoyment, rather than simply knowing how much they enjoyed the experience. It was clear that enjoyment was driven by extremely high engagement with the overall staging as well as the flying. This insight has impacted key decisions about the future of this production, justifying elements of the staging which are more costly but impactful as well as learnings for future productions.

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