Validate: Flavoured alcoholic drinks

Our client had identified a way to reduce the production cost of their alcoholic drinks range by using cheaper ingredients. The client’s product is a market leader in the category and therefore it was critical that this change in formulation must not impact on the likely purchase interest of their current user base.


We used our proprietary Discrimination & Preference testing methodology to understand whether consumers could consistently identify the difference between the current and new formulation. This method comprises presenting respondents with the current and prototype (fully rotated) blind and asking them their preference. This is then repeated a second time but under the guise of different product codes. The aim is to identify those who can consistently spot the difference between the products versus those who detect it by chance.


On all but one of the clients flavours consumers were not able to consistently spot the difference between the products  meaning that there was minimal risk associated with switching to the new formulation. However, on the flavour where they were able to consistently tell the difference between the products, preference was for the current formulation.  

Therefore the client is now working on reformulating this liquid, using optimization guidance that we were able to provide. The liquid will then undergo a re-test.

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