Validate: Snacks

To help support the relaunch of a snacks brand, research was required to understand how consumers would react to a new packaging design which represented a real shift from the old positioning.


Eye-tracking was used to understand stand-out in a shelf environment, and to provide a detailed understanding of how people looked at and interacted with the pack.  Online testing provided a detailed understanding around appeal, diagnostics and suitability for the brand (via Brandphonics® profiling techniques).


While the pack design was well received and clearly took the brand in a new and desirable direction, Eye-tracking results showed a decline in shelf standout and also demonstrated how consumers had lost their reference point with regard to flavour recognition (and hence found range navigation harder).

Some of these failings were then addressed via design tweaks prior to launch.

Client action

The client used these findings to optimize the pack design prior to launch.

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