Validate: Soft Drinks

Our client was preparing to launch a new healthier sub-brand under a well-known and loved household drinks brand.

Previous research conducted by MMR had helped to identify the most compelling health benefits for mums in the UK, Hong Kong and Malaysia.  Prior to launch in the UK, research was needed to ensure that the products formulated to meet these claims met with consumer expectations. 8 prototypes had been developed and our research needed to select 4 to be progressed to launch.


We recruited mum and child pairs online to take part in an in home concept led product test – enabling us to capture a holistic understanding of a) the concept promise and b) the extent to which the products delivered against this promise. We introduced the sub-range idea and collected overall level of appeal, expected consumption and detailed diagnostics to enable us to provide optimization guidance and hierarchy of message importance for use in comms. Each mum & child pair was then sent one flavour to try at home over the course of a couple of weeks – allowing them to assess the product in their natural environment and at usual point of consumption. Brandphonics® profiling was used as a diagnostic tool to understand the degree of consonance from three angles – sensorial, functional and emotional. Repeating the measures collected for the concept at the product stage enabled us to understand the level of fit between the two elements – adding a deeper understanding than direct fit to concept questions capture alone.


We provided clear recommendations in terms of which four products should be progressed for launch, along with specific recommendations in terms of tweaks which could be made to improve their delivery against concept led expectations.

Client action

We worked with the client to identify which tweaks to the product formulation were possible and the range was successfully launched in Spring 2012.


Initial performance in market has been encouraging, and our client is now looking at extending the range of flavours available – again drawing on this piece of research to guide where their attention is focused.

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