Eurosense 2016

Date: September 11, 2016


Location: Dijon, France


This year's Eurosense conference takes place in Dijon, France, and welcomes sensory and consumer research professionals from across Europe for three days of discovery.

MMR's Chairman and sensory team are thrilled to be sharing the following presentations:

  • A new indirect approach for capturing emotion in product research
  • Gamification: what sensory research can learn from engaging consumers
  • The reality of difference testing – a practical appraisal of Tetrad, Triangle & A not A

as well as a poster presentation;

  • When time is of the essence - rapid mapping of emotional and sensory characteristics of products

MMR CEO Mat Lintern will also share

  • Using in-the-moment data collection to provide an enhanced understanding of consumer usage experiences

We look forward to meeting you in Dijon.

For more information or to register, visit the Eurosense website >

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