Food Vision London

Date: March 01, 2017


Location: London


The programme for Food Vision 2017 focuses on innovation, scientific discovery, and technological advances as the industry looks towards 2020. Held for the past five years in Cannes, France, Food Vision moves to London this year and will attract food industry leaders from around the world to the UK’s capital between 1 and 3 March. 

 “As one of the world’s most cosmopolitan and economically vibrant cities London is the ideal location for industry leaders to review their innovation agendas for the remainder of the decade and to discuss production and trading policies in the light of shifting political and economic dynamics in world markets,” says Vision Events Director, Margarete Baltay. Our speakers, drawn from the worlds of industry and food science and health will focus on the scientific and technological advances that are driving innovation and the environments required for innovation to flourish.”

MMR is delighted to join the agenda, hosting a lunchtime roundtable discussion entitled;

'The future of product development: is it possible to reduce your innovation timeline by half?'

 Luisa Robertson, Director of Future Focus, MMR Research Worldwide

Most new product launches fail, so the response from many brandowners is to apply stringent stage gate processes with locked down research approaches at each step to validate potential and commercial value. This is key to ensuring companies can ‘back the right horse’ and that their investment can be returned. But this can hinder agility. So how can we reduce the time it takes to get a product idea from paper to shelf? Join Luisa Robertson to explore ideas that challenge the status quo.

There's still time to register for the event - visit

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