Pangborn 2015

Date: August 23, 2015


Location: Gothenburg, Sweden


Sensory is at MMR’s heartland. So where better to celebrate this than at Pangborn 2015; the Sensory Science Symposium held in Gothenburg, Sweden? We are delighted to be exhibiting there from 23-27th August, with world leading experts in sensory science at the 11th conference of its kind.

MMR’s Founder and Chairman Professor David Thomson will hold a joint presentation with Jean. A. McEwan on ‘Measuring Liking – properties of hedonic scales revisited’.

David will also hold a joint presentation with J.Li and L.Methven: ‘Where liking and purchase behaviour dissociate, does conceptual content hold the key to successful product development?’.

In addition, Christine Barnagaud, Mat Lintern and N. Williams will present: ‘Using mobile phones to enhance our understanding of real world consumer behaviour’.

A number of poster presentations will also be on display at the Symposium, which are available both below and via the Poster in my Pocket app.

  • Establishing the ‘sensory DNA’ of air care fragrances, from expert sensory mapping and consumer appeal, to understanding the deeper emotional meaning with consumers -C.Barnagaud, C.Knudsen, V.Mialon & D.L Sweeney

An integrated sensory and consumer research program was created to develop a deep and precise blueprint of the world of air care fragrances and provide foundational learning to drive strategic business decisions. The applications and long-term benefits of this research were also discussed in this piece.

  • Meeting consumers’ energy needs in an era of raised sugar sensitivity – C.Barnagaud, A.Wardlaw

Health is set to become an even more important driver of consumers’ purchase decisions, and will most likely affect their expectations of the sensory experience. This presentation will explore perceptions of sugar and sweetening alternatives, energy and calories as well as indicating how some categories have achieved a high energy association without a similarly high calories association. The presentation will also speculate which categories might be set to gain as consumers reject confectionary in favour of alternative ‘cleaner’ sources of energy, as well as suggesting how other categories might reinvent themselves to maintain their appeal with the health motivated consumer.

Pangborn offers the chance to discuss the latest advancements in sensory science amongst scientists, sponsors, companies and students alike.

This year it will be hosted by The Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology at The Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre.

We look forward to meeting our friends and clients there – please let us know if you will be attending.

To find out more about Pangborn 2015, click here

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