Premium Decoded @ YMS 2018

Date: March 21, 2018

Time: 11am-1pm

Location: Old Truman Brewery, London


MMR’s Andrew Wardlaw presents a masterclass, bringing you the results of an extensive U.K wide study, exploring 12 FMCG categories (from Breakfast Cereals to Bottled Beer) to understand how consumers decode and select premium products

Learn about the different types of premium consumer and discover what products are considered most premium and why? Be illuminated by analysis that shows how to create positive emotional outcomes worth paying extra for.

This study will provide you with a battery of ways to increase perceived value for your product, and help you command greater profit margins.

Whilst the findings are applicable to any category, there will be added focus on Breakfast Cereals, Bottled Beer, Crisps, Cereal Bars, Facial Moisturisers, Shampoo, Household Cleaners, Rum, Black Tea, Dark Chocolate, Tonic Water and even Cat Food!

Sound good? You can buy tickets here

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