Training: Sensory 101 - an intro to sensory

Date: March 31, 2017

Time: 09.30-12.30

Location: The Folly, 41 Gracechurch Street, EC3V 0BT


Sensory (Module 1) - Sensory 101

This interactive workshop has been designed to help boost your understanding of sensory research, and allow you to put your own sensory skills to the test!

Our sensory team will take you through the senses, how they work and how the brain processes the information - and how they can be tricked!

This session covers an introduction to the senses and how they integrate, as well as an overview on the sources of sensory bias. We’ll touch on the origins of sensory science and end with practical guidelines and considerations for product testing – things every marketer should know!

Why should you be there?

Your consumers' experience of a product is governed by its sensory characteristics – these don’t just drive whether they like it, but also the emotional and functional meaning that’s delivered by the experience. It’s possible to deliver and reinforce your brand equities via sensory cues and this session is the first step towards understanding that connection. Plus we’ll hint at how marketers and food developers can design products to match and build upon the messages they work so hard to communicate across other elements of the marketing mix – packaging, communications, advertising.

What will you learn?

  • We’ll take you through all the senses - how they work, how the brain integrates and processes the information - and how they can be tricked!
  • You'll get to understand your own abilities (and limitations) in deciphering how products are delivering/performing on a sensory level. Are you bitter blind or color blind?
  • You'll feel more confident speaking to colleagues in more technical departments or with a sensory background
  • You’ll see the power of delivering brand equity through sensory cues via some in-market examples

Sensory marketing is increasingly relevant; leading marketers are realizing the way a product looks, tastes, smells and feels in the mouth really does matter to long-term brand adoption.

You’ll be leaving with a better understanding of sensory science as a whole, and a full belly from a great breakfast.

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