Accelerator from MMR


May 23, 2018

by Simon Williams

Innovation is getting squeezed, with declining timelines, resource and budget the new normal. But as well as looking to drive efficiency at each individual stage of research, we believe there is a strong opportunity to do things differently!

Sitting within our Express toolkit, Accelerator from MMR enables a new kind of product and pack testing - designed specifically to turn challenges into an opportunity to get more value from your research spend, faster;

  • Harnessing technology (fuelled by our interactive MMR Connect platform)
  • Never have flat data again – learn through the power of qual, bringing clarity and direction to quant
  • Immersing you directly with core consumers
  • Delivering results in just one day!

Capture reactions to your products, packs or concepts and work directly with consumers to shape and improve them in real-time

  • Consumers attend central location to quantitatively assess up to 5 products, concepts or packs
  • Live dashboard reporting provides alerts for responses to key measures
  • Targeted intercept interviews with carefully selected consumers, as well as vox pops throughout the day
  • 2 x co-creation mini-groups (linking you directly with target consumers and MMR)
  • Wrap up workshop at the end of the day, with data available to take home straight away

We were very impressed by the agility and speed of the approach and its ability to drive the discussion


Ideal for…

  • Screening prototype products or packaging
  • Providing enhanced or iterative learning (enabling a ‘test & learn’ approach) is required
  • Rapid development when timings are under pressure
  • Benchmarking with deeper understanding of strengths and weaknesses
  • Kick start development with deeper insight even when budget is limited, identifying sensory assets to enhance your brand positioning

Accelerator is a fluid and immersive tool that is part of MMR's Express suite; combining MMR’s expertise and consumer input to support rapid development

The clients loved seeing the data in real time. They were actually crowding round to look at the screen!

MMR Researcher

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