BLOG: Work out and smell the coffee


September 14, 2017

by Erin Riddell

Erin Riddell never thought about deliberately adding coffee to her clothing until now...

I am always fascinated by the unexpected juxtapositions that manufacturers come up with. Taking me out of my expectations is sometimes a great way to capture attention.

For instance: I have spilled coffee on my clothing so many times, I have become a defacto expert at removing coffee stains. I have used coffee (many times is an understatement) to energize my workouts. I have also added coffee to all kinds of things including cakes, henna dying solutions, barbecue sauce, and even dye for wrapping paper.

But until now I never thought about deliberately adding coffee to my clothing. Especially not my workout clothing.

Taking energizing your workout to a new level, RumiX is advertising workout gear for women made entirely from recycled materials. Not a particularly new concept, but beyond plastic bottles, they are using another recycled ingredient in their clothing – used coffee grounds.

The site claims to have 16 bottles worth of recycled PET water bottles in each “pair of Rumies”. They weave the recycled plastic fibers with fibers made from recycled, or what they call “upcycled” coffee grounds from coffee shops.

Oh, bestill my beating heart…..

Now, anyone who knows me knows about my almost famous love of coffee. And I have an equal motivation toward working out (hey, got to burn off all that extra energy somehow). So pardon me if this combination sounds like some twisted lovechild made just for me. And apparently I am not the only one who can really get into this combination of coffee culture with women who workout – as I looked at the site, notifications of buyers kept flashing in the bottom left corner of the screen, proudly proclaimed “Someone in Los Angeles, USA just bought a Mirror Sports Bra!” or “Someone in Sydney, Australia just bought Wanderer Leggings!”.

Myself, I was all ready to give it a go. I had visions of proudly entering my gym, sporting my coffee couture, looking good in my new outfit, feeling good that I was helping to save the planet, and reveling in the allure and mystique that would surround me coming from smelling of coffee with every movement (because hey, who doesn’t like the smell of coffee?). I even was starting to convince myself that maybe, just maybe, my new barista bouquet might catch the attention of a fellow coffee lover as I attempted to look like the pictures of attractively garbed women in various yoga poses plastering the website (with the cute motto of “Live a balanced lifestyle with RumiX”). Why yes stranger, I do smell like a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Let me tell you about my clothing….

Sadly, they remove the odor from the grounds before spinning the threads. Too bad. But then again, considering my near-pavlovian response to the smell of coffee, I’m not sure uncontrollable salivation while holding that downward dog pose would be all that attractive.

I still might get those shorts….

Erin is Sensory Manager at MMR Research Worldwide.

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