Cocktails, sweetie!


December 19, 2017

by Erin Riddell

I love the drink menus at craft bars. Listings of fanciful cocktails, ranging from nostalgic masterpieces ala Mad Men era to cunning concoctions dreamed up by a master mixologist, tempting in their variety and thoughtful combinations of flavors and aromas.

I have poured over (pun intended) many a menu, trying to imagine what the finished cocktails would taste like, restraining myself from ordering an unwise number just because I’m curious as to the flavor combinations. If it wasn’t for the splitting headache waiting after such an indulgence (and some serious damage to my bank account), I would order multiple selections at some of my favorite establishments, just so I could taste each and see for myself what kind of magic a careful bartender can muster.

Tippling Club, known for unusual cocktails in a food-loving city, has given their patrons a way to sample the menu, by creating an edible menu in the cutest of forms.

Well, a stunning solution (or a terminally twee one, depending on your point of view) has presented itself via a cutting edge innovation from a bar in Singapore.

Working with International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF), a world-renowned flavor house, the bar manager Joe Schofield has incorporated all the senses to aid you in your selection – by way of gummy bear.

Tippling Club MenuTwelve gummy bears parade before patrons, each a unique color and flavor, representing a specific cocktail. As the confections melt in your mouth, your tastebuds will be teased with just a hint of what pleasures await in each carefully constructed cocktail.

Even better, there’s no alcohol in the gummy bears, so no guilt in sampling every one to make your decision. What a wonderful way to engage all your senses as you make your drink selection.

Sensory scientist that I am, I am now obsessed with the idea of this kind of cocktail sampling exercise. Alas, I don’t think a trip to Singapore is in my short-term cards. Much as I would love to eat – and drink – my way across what I have been told is a foodie paradise, I may have to content myself for now with creating my own cocktail tasting menu, the old fashioned way.

Bartender – line them up.

Check out Tippling Club's website

Erin Riddell is Sensory Manager, MMR NYC.

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